For stairs with landings, directional changes, multiple levels, or most curved staircases, the Savaria Omega can be an ideal solution. Installed along the side of the stairs with its own rail system and stanchions, the modular design can be installed for any number of levels. Flexible for installation on either inside or outside curves, the Savaria Omega can be installed in many different settings including installations with a very tight turning radius. Because this lift handles turns, it can also be built with hideaway parking when not in use.

Modular Design

Both lifts are built with modular rail systems that are ordered to fit your project needs. The Savaria Omega lift is custom built using drawings and specifications for landings, turns and optional parking stations. A skilled Savaria dealer installs your factory-built lift on site and helps ensure that your lift meets local and national requirements for installation.

Standard Safety Features

A sensor system on the platform will stop the lift when it meets an obstruction. The platform is non-skid with side safety flaps. Two automatic safety arms lower prior to the lift moving, and one arm opens to allow a safe exit. Also included is an overspeed governor and manual lowering device. Call stations can incorporate keyed access to prevent unintended use of the lift and an emergency stop button is provided on board the lift.

Public building Options

Savaria inclined platform lifts can be ordered to comply with public building installations including a pedestrian warning light and movement alarm to advise others that the lift is in operation. Units may also be ordered with a folddown seat with 150 kg (330 lb) capacity and attached seatbelt.

Download Savaria Omega Documents:
Savaria Omega Brochure
Savaria Omega Planning Guide