Suitable for either indoor or outdoor* applications, the Savaria Delta can be installed over a constant gradient, straight flight of stairs. The traveling rail is installed along a side wall or can be optionally installed with self-supporting stanchions. The lift can be factorybuilt for left- or right-side rail installations as well as front or side access configurations. The lift travels at a comfortable 20 ft/min (.1 m/s) with on-board controls made easily accessible with the handheld, hard-wired pendant. This system is battery powered allowing it to operate through a power failure. Charging stations at the top and bottom ensure the lift is always ready to go.

* Suitability for outdoor applications varies by region and environmental conditions, please consult Savaria for details.

No major Renovations Required

Generally, a Savaria inclined platform lift does not require significant building renovations. Securely installed along stanchions or a side wall*, the platform glides along its rail when in use and folds up when idle. When an elevator or vertical lift is not easily accommodated for cost or construction concerns, a Savaria inclined platform lift is an excellent option for accessibility, with space and cost savings.

* Installation methods are determined based on the lift model and your existing building structure.

High Capacity, ADA-Compliant Option

With a weight capacity of 550 lb (250 kg) and an optional large ADA-compliant platform, these lifts are ideal for public accessibility requirements.

Easy Operation

Savaria inclined platform lifts feature simple-to-use controls for lift operation including optional motorized folding, unfolding and motorized ramps. Constant pressure buttons move the lift up and down so even first-time users should find the lift easy to use.

Unobtrusive Design

With sleekly finished traveling rails, a foldaway design and optional out-of-the-way parking, a Savaria inclined platform lift delivers access on demand and harmonizes with your current building design.

The motor is housed on board the Delta lift for simplicity of installation. On the Omega, the motor is unobtrusively installed at the top landing, with the controller located remotely keeping the visible components to a minimum.

Download Savaria Delta Documents:
Savaria Delta Brochure